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How do I create a dynamic gallery from a folder?

Real Media Library allows you to create visual galleries on your website, which automatically and dynamically reads content from a folder. There are different ways to do this, depending on which additional component you use.

Dynamic Gallery with Gutenberg

If you are using Gutenberg as your go-to page builder, you can easily create a gallery from the Real Media Library Gallery block:

Dynamic Gallery with Shortcode

If you are using still the Classic Editor or another page builder like Divi, you can still create dynamic galleries from a folder with a WordPress shortcode:

[folder-gallery fid="your-folder-id"]

The folder-gallery shortcode accepts all gallery attributes, too, learn more about them here.

Where do I find the folder “fid”? You can find the ID of a folder easily in your media library. Simply select a folder, afterwards click the three-dots icon in the folder toolbar. A dialog opens and in the bottom right corner you can find a number which represents the folder ID.

Advanced Galleries

If you are not satisfied with the above galleries, you should definitely have a look at the following plugins which also allow you to create dynamic galleries from folders:

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