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How do I migrate/import from other plugins?

If you have used a categorization plugin before, you might be interested in migrating to Real Media Library. This is possible with a simple 1-click button:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings > Media
  3. Scroll down to Real Media Library
  4. Open tab Reset
  5. You will find a section Import taxonomy categories
  6. Click on the button to import categories and file-relations to Real Media Library

Depending on which plugin you used before, the Real Media Library will recognize. If you have used a plugin which does not know Real Media Library yet, you will see the technical name of the taxonomy in the button. If this happens, please open a support ticket to let us know.

For example from this plugins you can easily migrate to Real Media Library:

  • FileBird
  • FileBase
  • Folders
  • Media Library Assistant
  • Enhanced Media Library
  • Media Library Organizer
  • WordPress Media Library Folders by Mediamatic
  • Media Library Folders

Import taxonomy in Reset tab

After you have successfully imported, you can safely disable the other plugin. The folders are now organized by Real Media Library!

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