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I only see a loading spinner, what can I do?
If you see only a spinning dot or no content of a plugin is loading it can be related to the WordPress REST API. Since WordPress 4.7 this is part of the core and more and more plugins and developers rely on this specification. As we are developing also high quality plugins we rely on WP REST API, too. You should consider the following things to make sure the WP REST API is working correctly:

  • Are you using a WP REST API blocker plugin? For example a plugin which restricts access to a REST API namespace? You have to allow the namespace e.g. wp-json/realmedialibrary/v1.
  • Are you using a plugin which modifies the WP REST API Url? This shouldn’t be a problem, but e.g. WPML has an incompatibility with WP REST API. WPML has fixed this in their v4.0 major update so please update to WPML v4.
  • Are you using any VPN / Firewall software which is causing any issues? (e.g. Cyberghost)

Here is a list of plugins causing issues or needs to be configured correctly:

  • Hide my WP (allows changing WP REST API URL or deactivate it completely)
  • Clearfy (allows to disable the REST API completely)
  • iThemesSecurity
  • Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan (allows to disable the REST API completely or allow a defined URL namespace)
  • Swift Performance
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

Example of how disable the WP REST API expect the Real Media Library namespace:

Example of how disable the WP REST API expect the Real Media Library namespace

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