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How can I upgrade from free version to PRO version?

You have installed the free version of Real Cookie Banner, but now you want to switch to our PRO version? This is very easy. We explain step by step how you can switch.

  1. Buy on the PRO version of the Real Cookie Banner
  2. After the purchase, you have to install the PRO version. Please read our article How can I install the PRO version of the plugin?
  3. The free version of our plugin was automatically deactivated when you had activated the PRO version. Settings, content etc. that you created with the free version will be automatically transferred to the PRO version.

Once you have uploaded and activated the PRO version and have activated your license, you will receive update notices directly in your WordPress dashboard.

You can delete the free version of our plugins without hesitation. The PRO version also includes all the features of the free version.

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