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Real Physical Media SEO redirect does not work as expected?

If you have a look at your Real Physical Media SEO redirects and none of your redirects does work as expected, you need to configure something in your Apache / Nginx configuration.

How do I know if my server is miss configured?

If you open the old SEO URL you should notice a plain white screen with “404” or a very technical screen. The main issue is that your server is not forwarding the request to your WordPress instance.

It is recommended to do the following changes only if you are a technical and know what you do! If not, please forward this article to your hosting provider or server admin.

Please connect to your WordPress installation via FTP and open the file .htaccess:

This is an example and can differ from your .htaccess file. In this case we need to add the following lines on top of the file:

Learn more about WordPress .htaccess file here. If you are using a pure nginx server you need to talk to your technical.

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