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License for WP React Starter

Get your WP React Starter licence (for free) and start developing your own high quality WordPress plugin in light speed.

What you get?

WP React Starter was developed organically over years, and we at devowl.io bring all our experience from best-selling WordPress plugins like Real Media Library as well as customer web development orders to this project. With WP React Starter you get dozens of hundred working hours compressed into one easy-to-use solution.

We have developed WP React Starter from our own needs. Neither on GitHub nor on other platforms have we found a suitable boilerplate to create high quality WordPress plugins in the form we know from professional software development outside the WordPress area. It is therefore possible that you will not find anything comparable to our solution in the WordPress ecosystem.

Licence of WP React Starter

WP React Starter is licensed partly under GPL-3.0-or-later and partly under our WordPress Product Licence Agreement. For more details of the splitting, please take a look at the LICENSE file of all WP React Starter. Therefore, you have to get a licence to develop high-quality WordPress plugins with WP React Starter.

We have decided to licence WP React Starter under a split licence in order to charge a small fee. We would like to use this fee to provide you with great support in using the boilerplate and to invest in further improvements to the software. We believe that the code should be accessible to everyone, so we can learn from each other, but also make profits together. But don’t worry, it’s free to use for all non-commercial WordPress plugins.


all prices excl. VAT

* The plugin’s source code have to be published as well as non-commercial. Non-commerical means that the WordPress plugin have to be free of charge. In addition, the plugin have to be completely free from ads. For example if you publish a free plugin that promotes your paid produce, please be fair and sign-up for the Grower plan (with no direct sales and therefore without risk to be classified in a more expensive plan).

** release apex. Q4/2020

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