Real Category Management 4.0: UX optimization, rebranding and translations

Real Category Management 4.0 released

Many of our users use Real Media Library to organize their WordPress media library into folders. But what if not only the media library, but also the content in a WordPress website becomes messy? Especially with (WooCommerce) stores, (LearnPress) learning content or (bbPress) forums quickly accumulate hundreds or even thousands of entries in your content management system.

Real Category Mangement solves the problem by visualizing content in intuitive folders. This gives you the overview you need to efficiently manage your content.

With version 4.0 of Real Category Management, we’ve given the plugin a major overhaul. Besides a new branding, we have worked on the user experience for an easier use with a settings page, translations in five languages and a new license server for straightforward updates.

New branding of Real Category Management

At the beginning of 2020, we have already completely overhauled Real Media Library and Real Physical Media and given them a new look. Real Category Management has already got a new logo. Under the hood, however, the plugin was still a bit dusty and confusing.

In the latest version, we have now repainted the WordPress plugin from start to finish. A revamped welcome page takes you straight to the places in your WordPress where you can discover new features after installation. The design language of all elements have been adapted as you know it from our other plugins. And the product description has been completely rewritten to make the benefits of Real Category Management more understandable. You can find it now on and

Real Category Management at

UX improvements and the new setting page

Branding is one thing. However, when using a plugin daily, it is much more important that it can be used intuitively. Until now, many Real Category Management features were rather hidden, and users didn’t even see them until they asked in the support for features that already existed. We used the feedback we collected to turn every checkbox and text around and make the plugin so intuitive that you hopefully never need to look at our knowledge base.

This includes a settings page where you can now decide for all registered content types (custom post types) if and to what Real Category Management should intervene. If a custom post type does not meet the requirement that we can visualize its content in folders, an integration with the popular WordPress plugin Custom Post Type UI helps to solve the problem quickly and easily.

Your categories etc. are visualized as folders for a better overview
Manage content in folders
Organized all your content, whether posts, pages, WooCommerce products, LearnPress content, bbPress forums or something else (in free version only posts)
All custom post types supported

Translated into five languages

Real Category Management was previously available in English and partly in German. We have not only revised the two translations, but also translated the plugin into Spanish, French and Dutch.

This should make it usable for numerous users in the business environment, where a uniform user interface for e.g. (WooCommerce) shop managers is desired.

Licensing with auto-updates

Premium WordPress plugins are updated very differently by their developers. We have an end-to-end automation of the build and release process of all our plugins. This allows us to respond quickly to our users’ requests and release updates regularly – too frequently for some users, so much that our support sometimes even gets email that we should release updates less frequently.

However, we think the problem is not so much our fast response time, but rather the fact that WordPress plugins are usually updated manually by their website owners. And having to manually install updates multiple times a week is annoying – that’s true.

With our new licensing system, which has already been used for Real Cookie Banner, we enable Real Category Management users to have updates installed automatically (after opt-in with license activation), which do not contain breaking features. In addition, we could optionally provide you with announcements if there is, for example, an important update to be installed manually or a sale of Real Category Management PRO. In addition, each license of Real Category Management PRO can now be used not only on a production site, but additionally on a staging or development site of your choice at no extra cost.

License settings in Real Category Management

Upgrade your Real Category Management to version 4.0 now and enjoy all the new features!