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Compare our consent management solution with well-known alternatives for WordPress and decide which solution fits the best for you!

Real Cookie Banner is a cookie and consent management plugin designed to be an easy-to-use, powerful solution. All the features of our plugin are based on the legal texts in order to provide a solution that complies with the legal requirements of the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. Compare us with alternative plugins!

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Real Cookie Banner Borlabs Cookie Complianz Cookiebot
Yearly price (starts from; per site) 49 39 49 108
Free version available
only for small sites
Cookie & Consent Management
Cookie templates for popular services
60+ templates

24+ templates

best results if the cloud service is activated

visible after site scan
Individual cookie groups
predefined groups

predefined groups
Technical specifications of HTTP cookies and cookie-like information
one complete technical cookie definition per service
Execution of opt-in and opt-out HTML/JavaScript code
one script for all services

you have to code this feature by yourself
Automatic deletion of 1st-party cookies in case of opt-out
for predefined cookie list

Hiding of cookie banner in the privacy policy and imprint page
Accepting all cookies for bots
Use of “Do Not Track” header
Age notice to comply with GDPR youth protection regulations
Obtaining consent for data processing in the USA
Show cookie banner only to EU users
Content Blocker
Content Blocker templates for popular services/plugins
35+ templates

7+ templates

16+ templates
Block already integrated link, (inline) script and iframe HTML tags until the consent of the visitor
works for 16 predefined services

elements have to be manually marked
URL blocking to block entire elements using a URL
Programmatic custom element blocking for blocking entire elements
Design customization
Cookie Banner design presets
10+ design presets

7+ design presets
Customizable design of cookie banner
170+ design settings

80+ design settings

20+ design settings

5 design options
Live preview of design changes
Consents and documentation
Documentation of consents
without design settings and list of all cookies

without design settings
Creation of consents afterwards traceable through interactive visualization
Proactive obtain new consents after changing the content or behavior of the cookie banner
manually to trigger

manually to trigger
Statistics about visitor consents
Three statistics with dynamic time range

statistic without date choice
Shortcodes for viewing the history of consent, changing and revoking consent
Technical solution
Native solution in WordPress
Cloud service loaded as external script
Anti-Ad-Blocker system to get consents from users with aggressive Ad-Blocker
Import and export settings
Export of collected consents
Support for Google Tag Manager (GTM) und Matomo Tag Manager (MTM)
according to the documentation, GTM should also be loaded without consent

with predefined events

GTM loads before user consent
Support for multilingual websites with WPML and Polylang
with cookie/service synchronization between languages
Support for WordPress Multisites
with limitations of options
Consent Forwarding to avoid multiple consents of a visitor on multiple sites of an organization
one-way and two-way sync
Support for automatic emptying of all known page caches after a change to the cookie banner
for 14 page cache plugins

for 5 page cache plugins

for 2 page cache plugins
Compatible WordPress version 5.2 or newer unknown 4.7 or newer 4.4 or newer

The comparison was made in September 2020 on the basis of the following versions of the WordPress Plugins: Real Cookie Banner v1.3.0 (information updated in December 2020), Borlabs Cookie v2.2.10, Compliance v4.7.1, Cookiebt v3.8.0

Do you already use a similar solution?
Switch to Real Cookie Banner for 1 € in the first year.

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