Cookie Experts

Cookie Experts

Let an expert set up your cookie banner

You can’t manage to set up the cookie banner correctly? One of our experienced cookie experts will set up the cookie banner individually for your website. We will check all relevant subpages and used services for you. Let us take the stress off your shoulders!

"I will set up your cookie banner individually, quickly and transparently." - "Let us take the data protection madness off your shoulders. We are here for you!" - "Finding all services, cookies, etc. on your website? No problem for me!"

What can Cookie Experts do for you?

Privacy is a complex issue (in the EU). Consent management and a cookie banners are probably one of the most complex issues in the field. We try to make it as easy as possible for you with Real Cookie Banner, but if you still reach your limits, we have professional support for you. A Cookie Expert – a person – can help you better than any technical solution to set up your cookie banner!


Technicals solution can find…

External services (with and without template)
WordPress plugins with templates that require consent
Automatic check of all subpages of your website
Cookie Expert can help you

People can find…

Cookies from unknown WordPress plugins
Services embedded after the page load via JavaScript
Complete coverage of your individual use case

Customer Opinions

We have already set up numerous cookie banners for website owners. No matter whether it’s a company website, an online shop or a private blog.

4.8 out of 5.0 stars rating

“I asked a cookie expert to check my website after setup. I thought I had done everything right, and that could be laid out for me again in a detailed report. Good that I am now safe!”

Jonas Tietgen, WordPress Expert at
has asked a cookie expert

“I wanted a legally compliant blog, but it was just too complicated for me to set up the cookie banner. That’s why I asked for help. The cookie banner was set up quickly and in the report I saw everything that was done for me. Perfect service!”

Helmut Achatz, Blogger
has asked a cookie expert

“Needing a cookie banner is one thing. Setting it up correctly is something else entirely. The law is so complex that I’m delighted to have solved the challenge quickly and easily with the help of a cookie expert. 1000 thanks!”

Holger Karstens, Owner of Kuschel-Abend München
has asked a cookie expert

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Ask a Cookie Expert for help

Our cookie experts are happy to set up your cookie banner individually. We’ll review your website at no cost and provide a offer starting at €249 gross for your case. After that, it’s up to you whether to proceed with our expertise.

Cookie Experts

Benefits of a Cookie Expert

Our Cookie Experts will look at your website individually and in detail. They will not only set up the cookie banner for you with all settings, services, content blockers, shortcodes in your privacy policy and one design proposal, but also document the work done. This way, you always have an overview of what exactly has been set up and can check whether everything meets your expectations.

Finds all services used on your website
Checks all relevant subpages of your website
Manual check for plugins, services, etc. that set cookies or are loaded via JavaScript only after interaction
Technical and legal details for obtaining informed consent for your specific website (for each service)
Individual configuration of Content Blockers for your use case
Configuration of all settings incl. a design proposal customized for your website
Report for easy understanding of the setup
Personal contact person for questions
Secure and easy payment via PayPal or credit card

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The setup of your cookie banner by a cookie expert is not legal consulting, but an agency service. We set up the cookie banner to the best of our knowledge. If you want to have a control authority for a legal certainty, we recommend you to additionally hire a lawyer to legally check the integration of the cookie banner.