developers with a view in all directions

We are a web development company since 2015 (formerly MatthiasWeb) based in Germany. Focused on high-quality WordPress plugins, React frontends and Node.js backends, we follow typed programming languages, software testing methods and design thinking principles to develop the software you want to use.

The Product

It doesn’t matter what technology is used, but it is important how the solutions affect people.

Consulting & Freelance Development

Businesses grow in the way they look at problems. Someone with an outside view and expert knowledge can open up new perspectives for companies and solve problems even better. We want to share our skills with your company to sketch great ideas, develop comprehensible solutions and run fantastic products. At the moment, we are not available for freelance work beside our Cookie Experts service for Real Cookie Banner.

WordPress Plugins

Everyone tells us: WordPress plugins are a mess. Our answer is always: Let’s take this opportunity to make the system that powers every third website on the Internet better. Our goal is to create useful WordPress plugins to a high-quality standard that feel like native built-in WordPress features. We want you to really love our plugins and throw plugins away with flashing banners, poppy colors and annoying popups.

Open-Source Projects

Software development is about the sharing of knowledge and solutions. In the course of time we have learned and used a lot, from people we didn’t know before. Now we want to give something back to the community. Therefore, we publish solutions that are used in our products as Open-Source projects and want to improve them together with you. We are firmly convinced that together is the better way than against each other, and we want to convince you of this with our solutions.

The People

Together we are stronger, better and faster to develop great solutions to real problems.

Matthias Günter

An early bird

My day starts in the early morning. When other people are still sleeping, I try to simplify problems and find delightful solutions. Even though I am a thoroughbred developer, every problem starts and ends outside the scope of software development. That’s why it’s important for me to understand people’s needs and then translate solutions into infrastructure, code and design. I keep my finger on the pulse of the times to present the most suitable solutions.

Matthias Günter
Jan Karres

Jan Karres

A night owl

The days must start late, but some solutions need stamina into the late night to be solved. With a background in business informatics, I see software development as a tool that enables you to transform complex problems into simple solutions. Business, design and software development must come together to create something meaningful. I want to listen to people’s needs and translate them into concepts that we as developers with different strength and weaknesses can implement.

Tara Gaugh Jones

The colourful bird

The nerdy owls behind are a well-coordinated “tech” team. But a pinch of female power is what makes us look in all directions – even beyond the code. Thanks to my creative streak, I transform complex, technical issues into beginner-friendly explanations that even non-developer owls can understand. This makes our products as understandable as you know them!

Picture of Tara

The Story

Both Matthias and Jan were excited about learning software development even in their childhood. When they were about 14 years old, they met in an online video game and decided to start a software project together. After over a year of development, they failed due to a lack of experience. Both found their own way in professional software development in the following years. But about ten years later the two met again and shared all the different experiences with each other to start something new together:

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