Real Custom Post Order 1.0: Custom post order for all post types

Real Custom Post Order Version 1.0

We have released a new free WordPress plugin called Real Custom Post Order. It allows you to create custom orders for your posts, pages, WooCommerce products and custom post types. In this article we will take a deeper look at the functionality of Real Custom Post Order and how you can get the plugin for free!

Custom Post Order for WordPress content

WordPress sites grow over time and with it the number of articles, pages, products etc. WordPress orders content by default by its publication date, from the newest to the oldest. However, it can be useful to sort the content differently, e.g. according to a content-related context. A custom order of posts – whether it’s a post order, a custom page order, a custom product order, or a custom order by post type – can help you organize your content in a more intuitive way that helps you find your content more easily and quickly.

Real Custom Post Orders gives you exactly this feature. You can rearrange your content by drag and drop. Just simple and intuitive sorting of your content!

Drag and drop a page for a custom post order

Download Real Custom Post Order for free

We have made Real Custom Post Order available to everyone for free. No PRO version or functional limitations – just download the plugin at

If a custom post order is not enough for you, Real Category Management might be the solution for you. It is fully compatible with Real Custom Post Orders and adds an explorer-like tree view to all custom post types in your WordPress backend. Real Category Management uses categories to organize all types of content. So if you assign your post to another category, it will automatically be moved to the appropriate folder. Take a look at the images below to see how easy it can be to find the right post, even if you have thousands in your WordPress site!

Reorder posts with Real Custom Post Order
Reorder posts with Real Custom Post Order
Drag and drop a page for a custom post order
Drag and drop a page for a custom post order

One week, one plugin. Done!

Real Custom Post Order is the first WordPress plugin that we started developing on the basis of WP React Start Version 1.0. Our WordPress plugin boilerplate allows us to quickly develop high quality WordPress plugins.

We spend a week from writing a concept for Real Custom Post Order to the release of version 1.0 of the plugin. During this time we not only wrote the concept and the plugin code, but we also wrote unit tests and end-to-end tests to ensure the highest quality even for a free plugin. We also designed the logo, all graphics, text and translations in five languages. That’s a lot for one week, isn’t it?

If you are a WordPress developer, take a look at WP React Starter and take your development speed to the next level!