Switch to Real Cookie Banner for €1!

save your discount and switch easily

You already use a Cookie Banner Plugin for WordPress, but are considering switching to Real Cookie Banner? We want to make it as easy as possible for you! Therefore, you pay only €1 for the first year.

Promotion Terms

We would like to make a special offer to those who already use a cookie banner plugin to switch to Real Cookie Banner for just €1. Below you will find the requirements you need to meet to take advantage of our offer:

  • Previous cookie banner can be used in WordPress websites
  • Contract/update capability of the previous cookie banner plugin has not yet expired
  • Previous cookie banner costs €29 or more per year (as a subscription or to pay regularly for updates)

In addition, the following terms apply:

  • Each person can take part in this promotion once
  • The contract of the previous cookie banner and Real Cookie Banner must be concluded by the same person
  • You will receive a coupon for a similar number of sites as your previous cookie banner offers, but for a maximum of 25 sites (example: 3 sites license for the previous cookie banner, then you get Real Cookie Banner for 3 sites), to buy the subscription for €1 in the first year. Afterwards the standard price of the plan applies.

Request your coupon

Fill out the form so that we can check whether you use a cookie banner according to the terms of the promotion. For this purpose, you have to upload the last invoice of the cookie banner used so far. You will receive your voucher by email!