Real Media Library 4.7: Free version, Swedish translation and improved importer

Real Media Library Version 4.7

The folder and file manager plugin for WordPress, Real Media Library, has been released in version 4.7. With the new version we introduce a free version of the WordPress plugin, add the Swedish translation and improve the importer which makes it easy to switch from another folder plugin to Real Media Library.

Real Media Library (free) on

The most important place to look for WordPress plugins is No matter if you open the website directly or search for a plugin in your WordPress installation, you will find a huge amount of great plugins in their directory. Over 55,000 plugins are available for free.

We’ve published Real Media Library on to give more people a chance to find our great media management plugin. If you download the free version, you certainly won’t be able to use all the features and have a limit of 10 folders to create, but we think that for small websites or if you want to try the plugin in your installation before buying, this is a great opportunity for you. We’ve also done our best to avoid annoying banners to promote the PRO version of the Real Media Library – everyone has seen them in other WordPress plugins and hates them.

If you want to do us a favor, give us a good review on As a registered user you will find an “Add my review” button in the right sidebar.

WordPress Real Media Library on

Swedish translation

WordPress Real Media Library was already available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Indian, Chinese and Russian. With the help of Per, one of your Swedish customers, we can now publish translations of the plugin in Swedish. This is another language that will help more people to become familiar with our file and folder manager.

If the plugin has not yet been translated into your language, please open a support ticket and get a free PRO license as a thank you when translating the WordPress plugin into your language.

WordPress Real Media Library on in swedish

Improved import to move to Real Media Library

Our folder management plugin WordPress has since the first version 4.x a very powerful import tool that allows you to import folders created with another folder plugin like FileBird. We have many customers who switch to our solutions from competitors because most of them don’t work properly with many folders – our solution is optimized to work with thousands of folders. But, to be honest, the importer was not yet very intuitive to use. This changes with version 4.7 of the Real Media Library.

Now our plugin automatically detects if you have used another plugin before and offers to import all existing folders. Additionally, our import dialog shows you which plugins you have used before and you can choose from the folder structure you want to import. For example, if you have already used FileBird, WP Media Folders and Media Library Wizard, you can choose to import only the structure you have already created in FileBird. This is optimal if you have suffered with one solution, have tested several alternatives and now want to switch to Real Media Library but do not want to start building your folder structure again.

Import folders from other plugins

Upgrade your WordPress Real Media Library to version 4.7 now and enjoy all the new features! Or if you are not yet a PRO user, try the free version at