Real Cookie Banner

Real Cookie Banner

Develop add-ons and compatibilities using the documented API

We are developers who value documentation of technical interfaces. This allows you to easily extend Real Cookie Banner with features you want to develop yourself or build integrations with your plugins. Our documentation is automatically generated and therefore always up-to-date for the latest version of Real Cookie Banner.

You should have some knowledge in WordPress plugin development to be able to use our API in and outside the WordPress context. If there are still questions, join our Slack Workspace, and we’ll be happy to help!

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API Documentations

We develop software not only for end users, but also for developers. Check out our API documentation to customize your Real Cookie Banner.

TypeScript/JavaScript API

Allows you to hook into the front-end of the Real Cookie Banner, e.g. show content only when consent is given.

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WordPress Actions & Filters

Real Cooke Banner offers many WordPress actions and filters to modify or extend its behavior.


Real Cookie Banner is built on top of the WP REST API, which you can use for your own developments.