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Real Media Library

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Real Media Library helps you with media management. Organize thousands of uploaded files into folders, collections and galleries. A real file manager that allows you to manage large amounts of files in WordPress.

Want efficient content management, but don’t want to spend money?

Admittedly, a free version of a paid plug-in sounds more than tempting. The inner thrifty person is in all of us. But sometimes it doesn’t pay to save at the wrong end – on the contrary…

In the following, we explain why an illegal, free download of Real Media Library PRO can have many fatal consequences for you and your website and why you should stay away from it.

What are Nulled WordPress Plugins?

A so-called “nulled plugin” is a modified version of the original plugin that is usually offered free of charge. At first glance, this doesn’t sound bad. But nulled versions are not without risk. They can contain malicious code that sometimes collects information unintentionally. Nulled plug-ins do not come from the developers of the original plug-in, but from third-party providers – sometimes even from pirates.

Are Nulled Plugins Illegal?

Generally, WordPress plugins from a source other than the developer’s website do not always have to be illegal downloads. It is very unlikely that an armed special task force will kick down your door if you use a nulled plugin on your website. The reason for this is the GPL licence, which allows you to copy and distribute chargeable programs for free. Therefore, it can also be legal for Nulled WordPress plugins to be offered.

However, many WordPress developers do not place all components of the plug-in under the GPL licence. For example, graphics or translations are often not under the GPL licence, but may only be used as they were licensed. In addition, trademark rights can prevent the nulled version of the plugin from being named like the original plugin.

Real Media Library nulled by professional cracker

❌ Stay away from illegal WordPress Plugins

Just because a nulled plugin is not necessarily illegal does not mean that it is good for your WordPress website. Besides the risk of malware already mentioned above, using a hacked version of e.g. Real Media Library PRO can have many negative consequences.

🔓 Security Vulnerabilities

Tidiness is essential – and this also applies to your WordPress backend. Therefore, the Real Media Library plugin is an ideal solution for tidying up your media library. However, if you decide to use a nulled version of Real Media Library, this can lead to significant security problems. Nulled plugins can contain malware, making your website a target for hacker attacks. In addition to malicious code, there is also the possibility of spam links and redirects to dubious websites being added to your website without your knowledge.

👥 Privacy Issues

Privacy adé. If you value the protection of your private data, you should stay away from nulled plugins and themes. But it’s not only your data that’s at risk, but also that of your website visitors. It can be easier than you think for data to be stolen. A malicious, embedded code can steal information (e.g. usernames, bank details and passwords) from you and your visitors. On the one hand, this can have financial consequences and arouse mistrust towards you. In addition, you may have to report such attacks to the authorities.

👎 No Support

Logically, if you are using a cracked version of Real Media Library PRO, you cannot expect our support team to help you with advice and assistance. We are always happy to help, but only if you are using a valid Real Media Library licence 😇 Basically, our plugins are designed to be very beginner-friendly. However, individual questions can quickly arise, and even Google doesn’t have a solution for every problem. To save you a lot of despair, headaches and work, we therefore recommend that you do not use a nulled version.

🔄 No Updates

A big disadvantage of using nulled plugins is the lack of important updates. So you would have to delete the plugin every time, search for a new version (if available) and then install it. And as if that wasn’t annoying enough, there is also the danger of potential hacker attacks. Because even if you find a free nulled version including the latest update, malicious malware can also hide in it. In addition, there is the risk that we release important security updates that you don’t notice immediately – another security gap is created…

⚖️ Legal Problems

As you already know, nulled plugins are not necessarily illegal because of the GPL licence. In the case of Real Media Library PRO, not all components of the plugin are under the GPL licence. So, you are downloading a pirated copy! As a result, you may face legal proceedings and high lawyer’s fees. In addition, ransomware can hide in the nulled version of the plugin. It encrypts the data of your website and blackmails you to release the data again. Then all you can do is pay the hacker or admit to the police that you used a pirated copy.

📊 Bad SEO-Ranking

Google and other search engines also don’t like to see hacked versions of WordPress plugins being used. Nulled versions of Real Media Library can contain hidden spam links and redirects. So using them can quickly lead to a lower ranking, de-indexing and further penalties in terms of search engine optimization, as you are practising blackhat SEO methods. And now imagine that you have invested a lot of work in your website for months or years to get to the top of the Google ranking. All that would be gone… Better use a legal licence 😉

🖥️ Bad User Experience

Another downside of a nullled plugin can be a worse user experience. Without you noticing, hackers can display ads to your website visitors. As a result, dwell time on your website, conversion rate and load time, among other things, can be negatively affected. Bad SEO and fewer sales can be the consequences.

💔 No support for the developers

A lot of passion, time and hard work goes into each of our products. Our goal is to make you happy with our products and to make your work easier. To achieve this, we are continuously developing our plugins and other products. If you want to help us support you, you should avoid using illegal Real Media Library downloads.

Advantages of your legal licence

You have the choice: Do you want to be a pirate or sail in safe waters? Your legal licence of Real Media Library PRO brings you numerous advantages that you should not miss out on!

No embedded malicious code or data theft
Automatic updates
Professional support with ❤️ for your questions
No legal consequences
No negative effects on the SEO ranking

Try out in a sandbox

You want to try Real Media Library for WordPress before buying? Take a free sandbox and play around! A sandbox is a WordPress installation with the pre-installed plugin just for you. You can do what every you want on this installation.

Save a lot of time

How do I recognise a nullled version of Real Media Library PRO?

If you are using a nullled version of Real Media Library PRO and would like to switch to a valid licence, please contact our support team. We’ll be happy to help you move your media library so you can enjoy Real Media Library worry-free.

If you are not sure whether you are using a nulled version of Real Media Library PRO, the first question you should ask yourself is: Where did I get the plugin from? You can only buy a legal licence on If this is not the case, you are using a hacked version of the plugin on your website.

Using security plugins like WordFence, you can scan your website to find security vulnerabilities on your website. This could detect malware, ransomware etc. in the nulled version.

Buy a Real Media Library PRO licence now!

Even though quality has its price, we try to offer the best possible at reasonable prices. With our WordPress plugin Real Media Library PRO, you can quickly and easily organize your media library. Our plugin takes away the hassle of scrolling for a media file you uploaded ages ago and helps you keep an overview thanks to different folders.

If you prefer not to buy a pig in a poke, we have great news for you because you can already download Real Media Library in the free basic version. In addition, you can test the PRO version for free in a sandbox before you buy it.