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Efficient regeneration of thumbnails in WordPress

(Re)generate single or multiple image sizes for your WordPress website and create a SEO-optimised custom structure for uploading thumbnails.

Regenerating of thumbnails in WordPress


Real Thumbnail Generator helps you generate new thumbnail sizes so that images and the like are displayed correctly in every theme!

Regenerate one image

Regenerate single images

Select single images from your media library that you want to regenerate.

Regenerate all media

Regenerate multiple images

Select several images at once from your media library that you want to regenerate.

Analyzing Media WordPress

Analyse the condition

With the integrated scanner function you can see which thumbnails of which images exist in your media library.

Delete Unused Media

Details and deletion of unused images

Find out how big individual files are and whether they are still used on your WordPress website – or can be deleted.

Select image size for regenerating

Select image sizes to be generated

Select which thumbnail sizes should be regenerated. Only regenerate relevant image sizes!

File Structure

SEO-optimised folder structure

Create a custom upload structure for thumbnail paths and file names to find files faster. Or to be found by search engines!


Faster than other plugins

Real Thumbnail Generator is up to 33% more efficient and therefore faster than comparable alternatives.


Easy handling

Just install and go! You don’t need any programming knowledge. The plugin works with all your image and media files.

gdpr compliant

100 % GDPR-compliant

The pluign processes all images locally on your server. They will not be shared with anyone without your knowledge!

Opinions from customers

More than active 200,000 websites have installed WordPress plugins from devowl.io.

4.8 out of 5.0 stars rating

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Get your Real Thumbnail Generator License

Just a few clicks to a clutter-free media library!

19 €lifetime license
  • 1 Website
  • All features
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1 year support
59 €lifetime license
  • 5 Websites
  • All features
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1 year support
99 €lifetime license
  • 10 Websites
  • All features
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1 year support
149 €lifetime license
  • 25 Websites
  • All features
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1 year support

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Get an Enterprise offer customized to your needs!

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Try out in a sandbox

You want to try Real Thumbnail Generator for WordPress before buying? Take a free sandbox and play around! A sandbox is a WordPress installation with the pre-installed plugin just for you. You can do what every you want on this installation.

Developer licenses included

Each Real Thumbnail Generator PRO license is not only valid for the number of sites, but as well for the same number of staging environments. For example, with the STARTER plan, you can install the plugin on three productive sites and three staging/development environments.

Version without PRO

Alternatively, you can install our free version without the PRO features into your own WordPress installation. For example, design preset and most of the time-saving service templates are missing. It is available at wordpress.org.


Real Thumbnail Generator is compatible with all popular themes and plugins. In the rare case that Real Thumbnail Generator is not compatible with a popular page builder or theme, you can simply open a support ticket – we’ll sort it out for you!


X The Theme
X The Theme

All features of Real Thumbnail Generator for WordPress

Real Thumbnail Generator has many more features than the ones mentioned above. See for yourself why our solution is the best WordPress plugin for thumbnail regeneration.

  • Mass regeneration of thumbnails in the media library
  • Regenerating individual images in the media library
  • Works great with PDF files (note requirements)
  • Skip already existing thumbnails
  • Detection and deletion of unused image sizes
  • Reliable and fast regeneration of thumbnails (without aborts as known from other plugins)
  • Compatible with all major themes and many plugins
  • Custom upload structure for thumbnail paths and file names
  • Supports WordPress Multisite
  • One-time payment with lifetime updates
  • Fast support from Germany
  • DSGVO/GPDR: The plugin does not collect any personal data without your consent!

An essential plugin for your WordPress media management

Real Thumbnail Generator is a WordPress plugin for regenerating thumbnails in all sizes. It is beginner-friendly, SEO-optimised and privacy-compliant.

Why do I need this plugin?

In the course of optimising a WordPress website, it can often be necessary to change the theme – especially if the website is still in its infancy. Unfortunately, a theme change can break image sizes and despair sets in. This is where Real Thumbnail Generator comes into play: The WordPress plugin is responsible for regenerating image sizes. Within a few clicks, the problem is solved! Thus, themes can be changed as often as desired without negatively affecting media management.

Easy recovery of thumbnails

The plugin scans your website for used files. You can then regenerate individual images or the entire media library. You can also select which image sizes should be regenerated and which unused files should be deleted. This helps you to free your website from unnecessary ballast in order to keep your web space clean.

Create custom paths to quickly find your files via FTP and keep track of them.

Requirements & Changelog

Real Thumbnail Generator is a modern and high-quality plugin. But we try our best to ensure backwards compatibility, so you can use it even if your setup is not the latest.

PHP Version 7.4 or newer (PHP 8 supported) WordPress Version 5.8 or newer

Database Version MySQL 5.7 or newer or MariaDB 10.3 or newer

PHP Extensions ImageMagick, Imagick, Ghostscript