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What installation type do I need to select when activating the license?

Once you have downloaded, installed and activated one of our WordPress plugins on your WordPress website, you will be prompted to enter your license key and installation type. In this article, we will explain which of the two installation types you should use and how to change it.

Development or Production?

If you don’t know which of the two available installation types you should use, you can tell by the following clues:

Production: Use “Production” if your site is live and publicly available to your site visitors.

Development: Use “Development” if your WordPress installation is a website under development. This also applies to staging environments. Basically, if your site is not yet publicly available.

Another example: If you do not have a dedicated development and/or staging environment for your WordPress installation, it is advisable to select “Production”, even if your website is still under construction. With this setting, your license type is configured correctly so that you can go live at any time.

“Product license not for production use!” – what should I do?

When activating the license, you had to select the “Installation type” where you specified that your website is a development website which is not used in production. Consequently, the notice is displayed.

Solution: In your WordPress backend, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins, scroll to the plugin and click on License, and deactivate your license. Then you can activate the same license key again. Make sure you select “Production” as “Installation type”! You can also find a detailed explanation of the installation types directly under the option “Installation type”.

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