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Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

You need one of our WordPress plugins for more or less websites than you originally thought? In the following article we will show you how you can adjust your plan to your needs at a reasonable price.

Upgrade or downgrade of subscription

You can upgrade and downgrade WordPress plugins like Real Cookie Banner that you purchased as a subscription at any time in the customer center. Just log in and click on the link “Upgrade” in the row of your product.

When you upgrade, you will of course only be charged the proportional price difference between the old and the new plan. So, you only pay for what you can really use!

Example: You buy a license for 1 website for 49 € per year. After six months you decide to extend your subscription to 3 websites for 79 € per year. The price difference is 30 €. However, since six out of 12 months in your subscription have already passed, you pay only 15 € for the upgrade until the end of the current contract period. The contract is not extended by the plan change.

Downgrades of your subscription are executed immediately, just like upgrades. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a proportional refund of fees already paid for downgrades.

Upgrades for more than 25 websites

You want to equip more than 25 websites with one of our WordPress plugins? We are happy to hear that! However, you may have already noticed that our largest plans include only 25 websites.

As part of our enterprise customer program, we can give you additional attractive discounts for more than 25 websites, depending on your needs. Please contact our support team and tell us what you need, and we will send you an individual offer as soon as possible!

Request a quote

You want to use Real Cookie Banner directly for a large number of customers? Request an individual enterprise offer! From 50 licenses of Real Cookie Banner we can offer you further attractive discounts compared to the public plans.

Let’s have a call!

We would love to guide you through all the important features of Real Cookie Banner and answer all your questions in a personal video call. Clarify any requirements to be sure that Real Cookie Banner is the right solution for your needs!

Upgrade of one-time payment products

The following of our WordPress plugins are not offered as a subscription, but as a one-time payment with lifetime updates:

  • Real Media Library
  • Real Physical Media
  • Real Category Management
  • Real Thumbnail Generator

These plugins are particularly cheap compared to alternatives that you usually have to pay annually.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade one-time payment WordPress plugins to a larger plan at a later date. If you need more licenses for more websites, we will have to ask you to purchase a new license package.

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