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Why can’t I select some service templates?

You see service templates in your Real Cookie Banner, but nothing happens when you click on them? Maybe you missed the tooltip that explains why. We will show you how to find out the reason in this article.

Templates for WordPress plugins

Some service templates are not built for a service, but for a specific WordPress plugin that uses the service and embeds it into your website. For example, the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway WordPress plugin allows your WooCommerce store to use Stripe as a payment gateway. Using this service template is only useful if this particular plugin is active. If you cannot select this template, the plugin it is for is not enabled in your WordPress installation.

You can see this by hovering your mouse cursor over the template. You’ll then see an explanation in a tooltip.

Cookie template for specific WordPress plugin

Template only available in PRO version

If you use the free version of Real Cookie Banner, you may see a PRO batch in the service template. When you click on the template, a modal appears telling you that this template is only available in the PRO version. In this case, you need to subscribe to the PRO version to use the template, as it is not included in the free version.

Cookie template only available in PRO version

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