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Upload files with folder structure

You have a folder structure on your computer and want to upload these folders with all files in the same structure to your WordPress media library? We explain how it works and how not.

Solution: Upload folder via media library

Real Media Library supports uploading complete folders from your Windows Explorer and Mac Finder including folder hierarchy and files (only in PRO version). Just drag and drop a folder from your operating system directly into the media library and the upload will start (if you use the grid view in the WordPress library). Alternatively, go to Media > Add New in your WordPress backend and drag and drop the folder you want into the striped upload box.

The folder uploader is implemented in the default WordPress upload, so it works in all these places where files can be uploaded to the media library:

  • Media > Library
  • Media > Add new
  • In any dialog, where you can select a file (e.g. Featured Image in Posts > Edit)

The feature is available since Real Media Library v4.12.0.

Pro tip: Files are normally placed in a flat structure in wp-content/uploads/. If you want to keep the folder hierarchy physical, check out Real Physical Media.

Does not work: Upload folder via FTP

If you have a lot of files, you might want to upload them via FTP directly to wp-content/uploads/. Unfortunately, this does not work, because WordPress has to register and process every uploaded file. Learn more about this in the following article: Upload files to the media library via FTP

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