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Service template not found? How to request one!

You are setting up your cookie banner, but you use a service or plugin that sets cookies and/or processes personal data, for which there is no service template? Then you can create your individual template in your WordPress backend in the settings of Real Cookie Banner under Services (Cookies) > Add service > Create from scratch. If you don’t know what legal and technical information you need to put here, we have a solution for you, too!

Request a new service and content blocker template for free

If you are using an external service or plugin, chances are you are not alone. To make sure that the next Real Cookie Banner user doesn’t have the same problem as you do right now, we try to provide as many service and content blocker templates as possible. Just open a support ticket and provide the following information, and we’ll see that we provide you with a service template as soon as possible!

  • Name and web address of the (external) service or plugin
  • Links to all subpages on your website where the (external) service or plugin is integrated (so that we can make sure that the template works perfectly in your specific case)
  • If the (external) service or plugin cannot be used free of charge, we would be grateful for temporary access to it in order to be able to explore all features and subsequently cookies and types of personal data processing for you
Waiting time due to many requested service templates

Currently, we receive many requests for service templates. Please continue to submit your request! Please be aware, however, that it may take several months until we can implement your service template request.

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