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The limit of activated clients for this license has already been reached

You have installed e.g. Real Cookie Banner PRO in your WordPress website and entered your license key, but now you get an error message about reached license limit and activations? There are several ways to manage and use your additional licenses.

The error occurs when the maximum number of possible installations with your license key is reached. Each license key can be used in a certain number of production and development environments. If you have purchased a subscription or product for multiple websites, you can create multiple license keys in the customer center and decide for yourself how many installations are allowed per license key.

In this article we will explain what options you have to use the license key on a new website.

Create new license key for your purchase

As soon as you purchase one of our products, you will receive only one generated licence key by default, which is valid for one website.

In order to generate further licence keys within your contingent, you must log into the customer center (use the e-mail that you also used during the ordering process). Click on “Add licence” for the product you have purchased from us. Optionally, enter a licence description (e.g. for which customer/website this licence key is intended) so that you can better assign it.

Deactivate license on old website

If you get this error message, the same license key has already been used on one or multiple other WordPress websites. If these websites still exist, just go to their WordPress backend and navigate to Plugins > [plugin name] > License. In the license settings you can deactivate the license for this website. Then you can activate it on your new website.

Deactivate license for already deleted website

You have already deleted your previous website (without deactivating the license) and therefore can’t deactivate the license in the WordPress backend anymore? In this case, we have two solutions for you:

  1. One website license key: Log in to the customer center and look at the licenses table. If you have multiple subscriptions or products, you need to click on the More button for each product to see the table. In the licenses table all your licenses are listed. Currently, you can’t deactivate any installations, but you can delete the whole license key via Actions > Delete and create a new license key via Add license. This is useful if the license key was only used for one website.
  2. Multiple websites license key: If you allow multiple installations with one license key, deleting the license key is probably not an option because you would have to re-enter the new license key on all websites. In that case, please open a support ticket with your license key and the domain that your old unreachable website had. We can then disable that particular installation for you.

Buy another license

If you want to use a WordPress plugin on multiple websites with updates and support, you need a valid license for each website. If you have reached the maximum number of licenses you have purchased so far, we have to ask you to purchase another license for your additional WordPress website.

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